I have clarity and accuracy

I saw Oz and during this particular visit, she said she would like to send healings to my husband remotely. As my relationship with my husband is strained, I agreed. Her healings must’ve worked, because these are the events following the remote healing:

  • Same day – he asked me out to dinner – which he had not in months.
  • Day 1 – he washed my car, which he hadn’t done in over 30 years.
  • Day 2 – He said “good morning”, another rare act.

The healing for me – well, as a intuitive reader, I found my readings very short and not very clear. Since my healing with Oz, I have clarity and accuracy.

Oz is amazing – truly gifted healer.

~ E.P.

A gift given to us from our Higher Power

Oz has always shown great compassion for me and my daughter, who has been struggling with addiction for several years. Although I receive the necessary support for this with the help of a Twelve Step group, Oz offered to work on my child’s energy through me. First, she would need to clear my energy before having the capability of successfully working through me to reach my daughter.

I went in for my first of four healing and energy work sessions with Oz, not knowing what to expect. It was a very relaxing experience and my senses were caressed by meditative music and mists of lavender. Oz worked on me for nearly one hour, clearing up my exterior and uncovered chords that were deeply attached to me from previous experiences of grief. I noticed only the most subtle changes while Oz worked on me. Different colors seemed to come through, and I felt tugging on my torso as she untangled and removed these chords. There was a sensation of tingling in my fingers and the palms of my hands. Oz said she found a long skinny chord wrapped around me real tightly, from my last job. She was right on the mark when she told me there was a lot of anger associated with my last job because my freedom of expression had been repressed. After we were finished, I felt more energized and no longer fatigued. I felt a sense of excitement over what benefits were going to manifest and looking forward to our next week’s session.

I definitely felt a greater sense of calm and serenity after my subsequent sessions with Oz. Also, I was more clear-headed and able to take on tasks more easily. I was less anxious and able to allow petty annoyances to roll off instead of allowing them to attach themselves and weigh me down.

Seven months after we began the energy work, my daughter started receiving help for her addiction. She has nearly maintained full sobriety, for approximately seven months, since she began getting help. This is nothing less then miraculous! Oz has been such a gift given to us from our Higher Power and has been an amazing catalyst in child’s recovery. She has helped me to gain peace during the most difficult of times and to release a lot of the anger and fear which had been holding me back.

I would encourage anyone to invest in themselves, and/or loved ones, and have energy and healing work with Oz. She is fabulous!

~ Diane K.

I feel like myself again!

“I want to share my story with others because Oz has helped me so much.

I had low energy all the time and I wanted to explore chakra healing.

I’m in the medical field, all my blood work is normal. I wanted to try something different because I just wanted to feel better.

I did not know what to expect during a chakra healing session, and it was truly amazing. Oz explained I had many cords, my first session she removed a lot of cords, and I could feel it physically. Oz explained each chakra during my session, she explained how I had areas of depletion.

Oz asked me if I had a low libido? And I did, she explained my sex chakra was depleted. She also told me I was in early menopause. Again she was correct, and the next day my menstrual cycle started. It was at least 8 months since I had my last period.

Oz has such a wonder gift, and my health has changed for the better.

My sex life has improved, my energy is better, and I’m no longer in menopause.

It’s just amazing!”

~ Carol

Relationship Savior!

“I met Oz last year. She is an amazing individual who has healed my relationship with my boyfriend. My Chakra sessions are always an uplifting experience.”

~ Angela

The Healing Process

“The first thing I want to say is that Oz is a joy. She is warm, personable, caring, and very down-to-earth. Her gifts are truly amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a chakra cleansing/healing.

I had never had a chakra healing when I first found her, and didn’t know what to expect. Would it hurt? How is it done, and does it really work?

Any pain I’ve had was the pain I walked in the door with, the pain I already had in me. I have had times where I have felt a cord being removed, but there was no pain. Just the sensation of something being pulled from my body in that area.

Oz works with colors. During the session your eyes are closed so that you can see the healing colors. At first I didn’t see any colors and got worried there was something wrong. But soon enough the colors came and they were beautiful! After each session I have felt lighter in the area of the chakra’s that had the negative cords removed. The negative feelings are gone and all is well within me. For anyone considering having a chakra healing, Oz and the Chakra Healing Spa are a must!”

~ Jonnie

Coincidence? I Doubt It

“After seeing Oz on three previous occasions, and after seeing results ranging from eliminating sleeping disorders to clear communication with family and peers, I wanted to have a session on childhood/father issues. My focus was around being bullied/teased as a child growing up and clearing this pattern out with Oz. Ironically, I did the session with Oz in person on my father’s birthday which I forgot about until Oz asked me for my father’s birth date. Fortunately, I sent my father’s gift a week earlier! Anyways, after leaving Oz’s office, I called my father to wish him a birthday (with time, our relationship is more loving as he’s up there in age where one reflects on the past), due to Oz reminding me while checking my email and noticed a client sent an email reporting that my monthly gross revenue increased by $10 grand! Ironically, just a week ago, I was going through regulatory compliance with the client which is never fun. Was there a correlation with the session(s)  with Oz? Yes!

I know so. Keep in mind I’ve been in the “work” for a very long time so it’s an accumulative impact for sure. However, the “Father issues” that deal directly with my relationship to Business/authority/Government/Police and other forms of regulations shifted. So in a way, it was like a night and day phenomena to say the least. Literally, seconds after leaving Oz’s office this took place. Amazing. The universe has an uncanny way of letting you know when you’ve ARRIVED!

At the least, you’ll feel better, more calm and relaxed having a session. Releasing “chords” may sound far-fetched if you’ve never done this type of healing before but you’ll be surprised. Oz helped me heal relationships by either releasing chords (Attachments) or strengthened the one’s that needed healing and repairing between myself, friends, family and peers. If you choose to go deeper, you may find breakthroughs for yourself like the one above. Thanks Oz and looking forward to more with you”

~ Joseph

An American Veteran Returns from Iraqi War

“First I want to say I was at a point in my life where everything was confusing, unclear, and I just felt weak and sad. Then, a friend told me about Oz, and how she had helped her in her relationship.  So, I set up a session with her to get a healing–I never knew how badly I needed healing until after my session.You see, one of the most noticeable issues was in my current relationship; I kept experiencing uncontrollable bouts of crying every time I talked about my girlfriend, and I didn’t even know why. All I knew was that my emotions were out of control. After my first session, I felt like, for the first time in a long time, I had complete control over my emotions.  When Oz was done I felt totally different.  I felt strong again, sure about what I needed to do, and how to go about it. Now, I have the strength again to go on and get everything that I want out of life. By doing this healing with Oz I was finally able to get to that point.  Thank you very much OZ.”

~ Michael